JPX America, Inc., now offers Legal Shield.  A law officers legal plan with expanded trial defense.

Law Enforcement Legal Plan Available.

You do a dangerous job.  Your number one rule is to go home at the end of each shift.  Altercations are part of the job and often times it results in a law suit.  


What happens to you in a civil suit? Do you know your agency won't defend you against a civil action.  Everything you own is at risk.  For less than one dollar a day you can have your own law firm at your finger tips 24/7.

Benefits Include


  • Advice
  • Unlimited topics
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • After-hours consultation if you're seriously injured.
  • Letters/Phone calls on your behalf
  • Legal Document Review
  • Contracts/Documents up to 10 pages each.
  • Standard Will Preparation
  • With yearly reviews
  • Tragic Accident Representation
  • Resulting in loss of life, especially in the line of duty.  Legal Shield will pay the legal fees of your Provider Law Firm for your defense if you or a covered member of your family is criminally charged with Negligent Homicide or Vehicular Homicide, including Manslaughter.
  • Adult Services
  • IRS Audits (see plan on website).
  • Administrative & Termination Hearing
  • Legal consultation, pre trial prep and trial representation for post-termination hearings (see plan for charted hours).
  • Trial Defense
  • Assistance if you or your spouse is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or job related criminal action filed in court.
  • 25% off additional legal services
  • You may continue to use your provider law firm for legal situation that extend beyond plan coverage.  The additional services are 25% off the law firm's standard hourly rates.  Your provider firm will let you know when the 25% discount applies and go over these fees with you.
  **Detailed information regarding coverage available.Certain restrictions and conditions may apply.  Click on the link to view plans and details or call JPX America, Inc. at 936-730-8326.  

The Company 

We have a full time training and sales staff; and as the oldest and largest less lethal company in the U.S. we have trained over 3,000 agencies in the CLE, control stick, defensive tactics, and officer survival throughout the country and parts of the world. 


We have 5,000 sq. ft. of offices and warehouse space, just outside of Houston Texas. 

See exactly how the CLE Delivery System works by selecting CLE Videos. See the life-saving effectiveness for yourself by calling for a demonstration at our main office at (936)730-8326 


We have over 200 instructors throughout the U.S.


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