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JPX America, Inc. will be offering specialized tactical training to law enforcement agencies, most of which are not large enough to support a specialized unit, such as SWAT or SRT.  Please join us as we continue our dedication to ensuring you go home safely at the End of Watch.


Feel free to email us with any training requests.  Your needs will always be considered.

See exactly how the JPX Centurion L.E. Pepper Gun works.  Select News and Videos for the latest Law Enforcement Deployment videos, News Reals, and News Articles.  See the life saving effectivness for yourself.  I think you'll agree, the Centurion L.E. Pepper Gun is the only tool law enforcement has in it's arsenal that is not only effective, but media friendly.

Centurion L.E. Pepper Gun Goes to Maryland

JPX America is proud to announce we are now in Maryland.  We have master instructors ready to serve throughout the east coast region.  See our Contact page to contact our Maryland representitives.


 See our "Contact" page to contact the representative in your area.

JPX Centurion L.E. Pepper gun Available at These Locations


JPX America Staff (see Directory) or call (936) 730-8326



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Monday thru Friday

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST




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